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Red dead redemption nigel west dickens?


so i beat old swindler blues and it said nigels wounds need to heal. ive been playinga while in single player and i walk in to the doctors at armadillo he is still there and i cant do anything so i ask how long do his wounds take to heal. its on ps3 just saying.

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  1. You have to do other missions for him to get better. I don’t remember what missions, but go do other missions and forget about him until then. There was like 4 or 5 missions in between, that I did.

  2. It should only be a day or two in the game. If it doesn’t activate, hopefully you have a previous save. They still haven’t gotten all the bugs fixed yet.

  3. There coming out with a patch that makes him show up in the game more often. Should be when the DLC comes out. Thats the 22nd I THINK

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