Home Playstation Forum Should i get Uncharted 2 or the Turtle Beach headset for ps3?

Should i get Uncharted 2 or the Turtle Beach headset for ps3?


I would want the headset to do better in black ops so i could hear footsteps and Uncharted 2 looks pretty good also and i cant decide and please say why i should get whatever you choose because i dont want to get something and I regret it like always do.

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  1. I would def get the Turtle Beach headset. I have a feeling you are going to play alot of Black Ops, and the headset makes a world of difference. Turtle Beach makes the best gaming headsets on the market, and the headset will enhance every game. Get the Turtle Beach first and it will make Black Ops better now and uncharted better later.

  2. U can get this one best games.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    Product Features

    – New functionality including the ability to remain with your friends while matchmaking; map customization and the pooling funds gathered in different modes for use in unlocking content and upgrades.

    – An game world layout that allows players to take an aggressive or new stealth approach to combat.

    – Free-flowing “traversal gunplay” that adds a unique vertical element to standard 3rd-person shooting mechanics.

    – Award-winning cinematic storytelling, incorporating new and familiar characters, as well as all new and varied play environments.

    A wide array of gameplay modes including a robust single player campaign and a franchise first online multiplayer modes including competitive and cooperative play options.

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