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Sims 3 for PS3 question?


I recently bought the Sims 3 for my PlayStation 3. (not for the computer.) In the Sims 2, you could create a neighborhood and create Sims to live in several different houses, build houses on empty lots, etc. But in the Sims 3, it appears you can’t do that. Is there a way to create multiple Sims in multiple different houses all in the same neighborhood? (For example: can I have one sim living on the east part of town and one sim living in the west?) Every new game I start creates a whole new neighborhood and my other Sims aren’t there.please help!

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  1. I am Sims 3 expert! ill teach you!

    After creating your sim and starting the game, click the “.” button on the lower right-hand side of the screen. There should be an option to “Edit Neighborhood” (or something like that, sorry I can’t look at the exact wording right now). It will give you the option to save the game and go out to the editor.

    Once you are there, click on the “create a sim” button. Create the sim you want (some of the pre-made female sims are superior to those in the game, just an fyi). Select them, name them and choose thier traits, goals, etc.

    They will show up in line-up in the lower left-hand part of the screen. There is a small tab there, click on it and there are several options. One of them is to create a copy of your sim.

    After the copy is created, you can merge the sim with any other household in the neighborhood. From that point, you can interact with the sim, see them around town, etc. You do not have to control this sim, he/she will take care of themselves unless you have them move in with you.

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