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Super Slim PS3 won’t connect via HDMI cable, but works on TV? (Black Screen on Monitor)?


I have been using my PS3 via HDMI cable on my computer monitor for several weeks now, but today, it has been giving a black screen on start up. It hasn’t done this before. I switched it over to an older TV without the HDMI cable, and the PS3 worked fine. I reset the settings on my PS3, shut it off again, then went back to the HDMI cable, yet it still wouldn’t work. The monitor recognizes that the HDMI cable is being used.

I looked online and did the “hold the power button for four beeps” and the screen was still black on my monitor, but it worked on the TV. My monitor has never had any other problems before until today, and has worked perfectly fine on the PS3 for the weeks I have been using it. The older TV doesn’t have a spot for an HDMI cable, so I’m not sure how to make my PS3 switch to using HDMI cable from the TV. Any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

I have been wanting a new console for some time, and just got this one several weeks ago. I’m not an expert on it, but I’m still learning. Thanks!

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  1. There are a number of possible causes

    1) The HDMI cable has failed. That’s the cheapest problem – buy a new cable (try eBay)

    2) The circuit in your PS3 that drives the HDMI cable has failed. Try connecting to a different TV or monitor with an HDMI connector. If that works, see (3) If connecting through the antenna connector is satisfactory, I suggest you leave it at that. Repairing it will cost more than a new PS3.

    3) The circuit in your TV or monitor that decodes the HDMI signal has failed. It needs a new one.

  2. Could be a dead hdmi cord, do you have another one you could try?

    Could also be a dead or broken port on the ps3 end.

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