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Trading in PS3 with no warranty sticker?


ok i want to trade in my old 40gb FIXED ps3 with new parts to Game, with NO warranty sticker, do they accept it? do they check it? because ps3 has no scratches and taken care of very well for a new ps3 slim, should i call them on the phone like “hey can i trade in my ps3 40gb, as long as it works?” like hints i can ask them if they accept it?

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  1. They won’t accept it if the sticker has been removed (well, Gamestop won’t). They will (or are supposed to) check to see if it’s there when you turn it in.

    As far as I know, not having the sticker means that you can’t get your PS3 repaired under warranty, so no matter what if you want Sony to repair it, you’ll have to shill out $150.

  2. Depends on the shop. However, Sony has said the warranty sticker doesn’t matter. Not only have I researched this, but there was a similar question I answered and the person called Sony who told the person it doesn’t matter. Why they put it there or even have it to begin with is beyond me. Though the shop where you trade it in may look for it.

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