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Trouble getting PS3 online?



I don’t have a router in my apartment, all I have is a switch. I realize I can’t have the PS3 and computer online at the same time, but is there a way to even get my PS3 online. I thought plugging an ethernet cable from the PS3 into the wall would work. But it’s not unless I am doing something wrong. If I plug my PC directly into the wall the internet works, so this isn’t making much sense to me unless there is something in the PS3 I am doing wrong. I set it to wired connection in the PS3.

Or do I have to have a router to get it online? Thanks.

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  1. If you have a modem you just need to plug the PS3 into it via the Ethernet cable. Why are you plugging the Ethernet cable from the PS3 into the wall?

    If I were you I would invest in a router. If you paid 400-500 bucks for a PS3 you may as well shell out 50 bucks for a nice router.

    Edit: Please tell me you don’t have dial up? If you do then you cannot go online with your PS3. It’s only capable of using a broadband connection.

  2. im guessing your modem is in an external place of your apartment? if so, then it should work. If not then you need to get a modem.

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