Home Playstation Forum trying to purchase stuff from the PS store any help?

trying to purchase stuff from the PS store any help?


So I wanna buy battlefield 1943 off the playstation store but I have been reading all over the place people having so much trouble buying stuff like it says invalid credit card info and stuff.for the billing info it says card type and says mastercard,visa,or american express.so im wondering will my scotiabank card work or what other card do I have to use?

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  1. They only take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Can’t remember if they take Discover or not.

    PSN is extremely picky about matching records. Everything must match, including punctuation and capital letters.

  2. if it says scotia bank it’ll also say visa or mastercard somewhere on it too

    if it’s just your bank card it won’t work

    enter the info and pin on the back properly , and be sure the name and address you use for billing information are the same as used for billing information on the card

    you can also find a futureshop or EBgames and buy a playstation network card

    they come in $20 and $50 amounts. enter the pin into redeem codes area on the ps store and they credit your wallet with that amount

    less hassle

  3. You are either entering the information wrong or it’s something to do with sonys end.

    If you were looking all over you wouldnt have asked here becuase you would have instantly be linke to the official ps3 foumrs, The people who run that site ARE Sony.

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