Home Xbox Forum well i get banned if i mod some of my xbox 360...

well i get banned if i mod some of my xbox 360 games like gta iv?


my console is not pirate or cheeped i just see some videos that when you save some gameplay on usb or hard drive on your pc you can mod them like on gta iv your uzi will shot rocket or any gun with one bullet can explode a car
Update 2:
and not on multiplayer just on ofline gameplay

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  1. I’m sure you mean hot swapping your xbox. There is a small chance you will get banned because they cannot detect it. I played online but not ranked games just free roam and had no problems.

  2. What sort of modding? If you’re modding an in game lobby then yeah. But if it’s just local then I guess you can.

  3. Some modifications may go against the license agreement or the terms of use set by Microsoft. So, check first!

  4. No cause they won’t find out but if you mod the xbox itself then yeah they’ll know and you will get banned. also if you add mods to online games like cod and if they find out you do then yeah you’ll get banned

  5. If your xbox detects a modded system or pirated game not only will your account get banned microsoft will will flash your xbox bios and brick the xbox rendering it absolutely useless.

  6. Ya thats always a possibility but there are ways to get around a ban so I say go for it.

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