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What are some great Xbox 360 games?


Liked Madden, played all the Halos, want to get some opinion on some of the best Xbox 360 games out there.

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  1. My favs

    Racing: Midnight Club Los Angelos

    Music: DJ hero 2, rockband 3

    Shooter: Call of Duty

    Free Roam: grand theft auto or saints row

  2. depends what kind of games you like

    you cant go wrong with call of duty (black ops, mw2, mw3,

  3. if u like shooters, go for mw3 or battlefield 3.

    if u like rpg’s, then i would definitly recommend skyrim. (great game)

  4. depends on what your into , have a look at fable 3 and saints row the third. on youtube. cod is pretty good so theres mix for you

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