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What could be wrong with my xbox 360?


Recently I took my 360 to my girlfriends house where I tried to run it on her 1080p 42 inch lcd tv with the component cable. After flickering on and off the screen for a while I was unable to set it back to 720p so I gave up and decided to bring it home and reconnect it to my 19in 720p lcd tv that I had been playing on 720p for months, only to find that my tv gave me “not supported” when trying to read my component connection

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  1. check the switch on the cable. There is s switch for hd/ normal tv near where the “video cable” hooks to the xbox. check to see if that is on HD.

  2. First of all, xbox 360 is a very troublesome console. I’ve had to replace it 3 times already. Although I never had your problem, I believe it’s not a tv issue.

    What did you do when you were at your girlfriend’s house? did you just plug around the component cable or played around with the tv setting or both? as long as you don’t adjust the xbox tv settings, then it shouldn’t be showing the “not supported” problem.

    Try different tvs too.

    Sorry i couldn’t help much. Never had a problem like that but just trying to help out.

  3. As redundant as it will sound most peoples problem is with incorrect connections so make sure that every cable is in proper place and that the hdtv setting is chosen on the component cable itself. second. when you “switch” tv’s you should first check the TV settings and match the tv settings to the console setting that you are already using.

    that is the second biggest problem for most people. now i understand you already had your tv set correctly. but when you attempted to connect to a different tv you changed your console settings which then became incompatible with your TV settings. do you have a “normal TV handy? or does your tv also support regular RCA cables(red white yellow) this is the lowest version you could use, but also has the least restrictions when you connect to any tv. connect using these and go into your console settings and put them back to where they originally were when you first ever turned on your 360. in this mode you can make proper adjustments to a higher setting on an hdtv. so once you reset your settings, reconnect your component cables (blue green hd cables). after connecting this way, you will be able to see your consloe dashboard on your hdtv albiet in its lowest mode. but you will be able to correct this in the dashboard and reaquire your hd cababilities. if you plan on using your girls tv again before you disconnect you would want to reset your settings back to the lowest setting first then disconnect and then connect to her tv. this should always be the process you use. the hd tecnology is something that is very sensitve and it doesnt not like being forced into settings that it doesnot support. and if you continue to connect in improper ways you will ruin a lot of tvs before learning your lesson. so lesson here is always reset to lowest setting first then disconnect and then connect to new source and adjust settings according to the tv you are connected to.

    okay, it could be your cables if they are mishandled they could be ruptured on the inside. but i really dont think that is your problem. nor do i think it is your xbox being broken. So, what you should do is start from scratch. in your setting options on your 360, you can choose to revert back to the day you took it out of the box. i would try this route and then configure from the beginning. the hard thing about diagnosing an issue like this is the inability to see first hand exactly what is going on. another thing, like i said, when switching tvs, your console is :thinking it is connected to the same tv as before and is attempting to adjust settings according to those settings. so you should start over by restoring all factory defaults and starting over. try this and let me know. if you need, you can IM me on msn or yahoo and i can try and work with you instead of this back and forth. my MSN is the same as yahoo and that is my screen name [email is not allowed]


    rereading your last bit i see where you didnt do what i said correctly. you can ALWAYS connect via RCA, but when you use RCA, you have to switch back to TV not HDTV, then you can RESETyour settings and then reconnect your componet cables. reswitch back to HDTV and you should be good to go. talking in person would be so much easier. this problem is not really a problem

  4. If you’re playing on an HDTV why not use an HDMI cable instead? My ps3 had a similar problem where the screen would blink and I just left everything on and unplugged the cable from the back of the console, waited a few seconds and it was fine.

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