Home Xbox Forum What do i do if my xbox 360 keeps getting red ring?

What do i do if my xbox 360 keeps getting red ring?


I was playing my xbox a while back ago and it got the red ring ( Only two rings ). I would unplug it and plug it back in and it would work, but then when im playing it would happen again and again. It has been doing that alot. What can I do to make it stop?

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  1. well the xbox is basically a little computer. if it keeps shutting off it could be a few different things. however since you said 2 rings it’s an overheating problem. it’s protecting your xbox from permanent damage to the cpu or gpu.

    if your xbox is within 3 years old you can send it back to microsoft for a warranty fix. i sent my first one in with a turn around of 8 days.

    if your xbox is out of the warranty, you can try to open your xbox and dust the heck out of it. reapply thermal paste on the cpu then close it back up.

    either way, before you send it in. try getting a can of compressed air and get as much of the dust out of it as you can. also make sure your xbox is placed in a well ventilated area (not on carpet. not against a wall.) and definitely make sure you aren’t blocking any vents.

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