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What do I do with my ps3?


My ps3 is messing up. I can turn it on and everything but when it shows the PS3 logo it looks like it is going to work but nothing. The background will appear but nothing. Not even the options appear. An when I try to reset it by holding down the button it makes the three beeping noises but thats it. I mean the system stays on it doesn’t reset or anything. I usually have to flip the switch. So can anyone tell me what to do? And even if you know what it is can you tell me and how to fix it.

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  1. happened to me too.when the button is red hold it down til it turns red agai then hold it again til it double beeps then click restore file system IT WORKS

  2. Most likly it is the blu-ray drive from the symptoms your giving me. If you ever fixed or opened a computer and saw it and maybe understood some of it you can do this.

    1.Open the PS3 console and there are great tutorials on youtube on how to.

    2.Open the blu-ray drive very carefully with power OFF.

    3.Look at what model number the laser is and then you can buy it online. Make sure if your PS3 is out of date or anything or even newer its the BROWN clip. I think they last longer than the WHITE cliped laser. I am just talking about the clip that clips the ribbon cable to the laser.

    4.Install it again youtube is amazing for this.

    It isn’t that hard as long as you take your time and, be careful of the ribbon cables.

  3. Hi! Please refer to this article, hope it helps you as i follow their guide and videos and managed to fix my problems!

    [url is not allowed].

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