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what does this mean[for xbox 360 router issues]?


Set port forwarding on your router to your XBox 360. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare uses the standard XBox Live ports of 3074 (TCP and UDP) and 88 (UDP) for communication.

i went to the site for help and it said to do this. how the heck do i do this? Plz tell me how thx.
i use wireless router. not wired

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  1. This takes some knowledge in networking.

    If there is a plug on your router that says “DMZ”, make sure you connect your Xbox360 to that.

    Then, you will need to log into your router. Usually, this is done by opening your internet browser and typing [url is not allowed]. If you use a Linksys product, by default either the username or password will be admin, but not both.

    There should be a tab/section that says either VPN or SECURITY or FIREWALL. Somewhere will say “DMZ” make sure you turn it to “ON”.

    Then, under some tab there will be something that says “UPnP” or “Universal Plug-n-Play”. Make sure that is “ON”, too.

    SAVE & APPLY YOUR SETTINGS, and try COD4 again.

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