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What external hard drives will work with PS3 and blu ray players with USB input?


I bought a WD 1TB external. For movies, and shows. My buddy formatted it to FAT32, and I put the movies and music in the folders you are supposed to such as “PS3” “VIDEO” and “MUSIC” and I connected the drive to the ps3 and then the blu ray player, and nothin showed up. Is it because 1TB was too big? And if that’s not the case, what could be a solution?

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  1. Windows is unable to fully reformat a drive larger then 32mbs. The cms prompt will run the reformat for the full 1tb, before giving you a small error message saying the drive is too large to reformat. You will need to use a 3rd part application. I used acronis disk director 11 to reformat my 500gb external. (Reformatted all 500gbs in less then a minute too!)

  2. hmm. the ps3 should be able to recognise that the usb has movies and videos on it. Maybe you could try moving a few to a smaller usb and plugging it in. MY only question to you is WHY did you buy a blu-ray player when PS3 has a built in one to run Blu-ray discs?

  3. You probably need to reformat it with a better utility. Use Fat32Formatter:

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    It bypasses all Windows limitations, no install required, just unzip and run. It makes the drive fully compatible.

    Then be sure you put the media in the proper folders (NOT PS3): Pictures, Video, Music just in the root of the drive.

    You can also highlight the device, tap Triangle, and select Display All to browse the entire contents of the drive.

    Also note, the drive must be USB 2.0 for the PS3 as USB 3.0 requires more power to run as it has a higher power rating and the PS3 can’t recognize it even if it is 2.0 compatible.

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