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What game is this for PlayStation 2 (or one)?


I’ll start by saying it’s not dragon quest 8 (though that is a good game)

Ok so all I remember is it’s a playstation 2 game (but man do I wanna say it might before playstation 1, sorry probably not helping much lol) that you start out on this train and you are in a cage. You have to keep hitting the button (x I believe) to knock the cage down the side of the hill the train is on to get free. I can’t remember much about the beginning of the game (sorry!) but I know that there is one part where you have to sneak into a mansion or a house of some sort in the middle of the night and there’s lots of guards and the first guard catches you but lets you bribe your way past. I also want to strongly say that you are like a dragon or something in the cage, idk. And I’m getting the weirdest feeling there is a cat-humanoid character. Yeah weird game but it was so good. Any ideas? Just throw lists of games at me and I’ll check them out lol.

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  1. Sounds like one of the Breath of Fire games. There were a couple on the PS1 and I believe the last had a cat-girl companion.

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