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What is the range on the ps4’s ability to play games on the ps vita remote play?


When playing the ps4 via the ps vita on remote play, how far can I take the vita? Can I take the vita to work or anywhere I want while the ps4 is still on at home? Or do I have to be very close to the ps4 console?

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  1. technically when using the local network the range is as good as the routers signal can be connected to , but in reality after about 40-50 feet max the signal is too weak to play without significant lag and most times it’s one or two rooms max.

    using the internet there is no maximum range , the only restriction is if you can get a really good wifi signal ( 90% plus ) and at least 10 mbps download speed to play lag free. even a little lag can make the games unplayable because the control input can lag so much behind the on screen graphics you can’t do anything if the connection is not good enough

    What most people won’t know unless they’ve tried is that remote play using 3g is basically impossible even on ps3 games , it’s just too slow , and ps4 games use significantly more bandwidth

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