Home Playstation Forum what occupation of people commonly buy PS3 consoles?

what occupation of people commonly buy PS3 consoles?


I need preferably secondary research but all Information is welcome

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  1. [url is not allowed]. – it’s a PDF, but it’s a nice handy graph of the average age of gamers by console.

    PS3 has higher usage in the 18-34 bandwidth. Makes sense as it’s quite costly and is only really gonna be able to be bought by and for people with a job.

    360 can be bought cheaply for a child, and even cheap enough for the kid to buy it with their own pocket money.

    PS3 is also marketed at older people anyway.

  2. I would say students are the number one occupation that buy ps3s. If you consider student an occupation.

    If you are looking for a great review of all 3 systems then check out. [url is not allowed]

  3. Probably the age group between 20-25. Teens usually don’t have loads of cash to shell out and so buy the 360(obviously there are exceptions, but a major chunk of PS3 sales comprise off the age between 20-25).

  4. game site reviews for consoles (a lot say the same thing) project that the average age of ps3 users are 25 years old compared to the average age of xbox users which is 15 years old.

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