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What other OS’s can i install in my Playstation 3?


while looking around my ps3 i saw the “install other OS” feature in the settings menu.and i was wondering what other Operating Systems can i install in it?

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  1. Yellow Dog Linux, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and other members of Linux family. Yellow Dog Linux was developed especially for PS3. If you want to run them you must have HDTV and keyboard.

  2. You can only install Linux, though you do get a choice of flavors.

    Yellowdog and uubuntu are the favourites.

  3. Only linux has been adapted to the ps3, so far. Others could adapt, but none so far have. Sony paid Yellow Dog to develop the linux kernel for ps3. This of course allowed all other linux’s to work as well, which is good because Yellow Dog did a LOUSY job with their own ps3 install.

    That HDTV requirement mentioned above, for example, is a problem only with Yellow Dog. You can use a standard TV with Ubuntu. Also Yellow Dog installs from a DVD, which is ridiculous considering you only get 10gb of hard drive space to begin with.

    It is possible to put any non-commercial OS onto a ps3, any unix, posix, BSD, whatever. Problem is there’s not much reason to do it for most of them, so nobody has adapted any others. OtherOS has no access to hypervisor-locked hardware, including the gpu. Meaning, no 3D games, and only 256mb of system RAM.

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