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What PS3 games are compatible with the PS Vita?


The ones that I can stream over Remote Play. I just want a list of them.

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  1. the only one I know is mlb 13 the show , or the ps1 classics , all ps1 classics are remote play via psvita.

    the ability to remote play actual ps3 games was never added to the vita release console like was shown on the prototype models early on , so no games actual support remote play the way you are thinking. they are adding cross platform play instead and the ps1 classics support it like they did on psp , supposedly any older games the psp played via remote play should be supported on psvita too so probable games like pixeljunk monsters and echochrome should if this is correct

    The only other games that play on vita and ps3 are the cross-play ones , mortal kombat , hustle kings , wipeout 2048 , the pinball arcade etc.

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