Home Xbox Forum what should i do sell or trade my xbox 360?

what should i do sell or trade my xbox 360?


i am thinking of selling my 360 what should i sell it for.

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  1. Trade it in for a Wii. i have both and i love them both but i would rather have a wii so take one for the team and trade it in for a Wii (Buy Super Paper Mario and Zelda Twilight Princess)

  2. Sell it and buy a PSP. The games they have out now may stink, but if you are a big fan of any previous systems I highly recomend PSP. There are easy to get emulators for PSX, N64, NES/SNES, GBC/GBA, Atari, Dreamkast, etc. And most of the games are free. I have about 100 games on my PSP’s memory stick that load in seconds and play perfectly. If you play Final Fantasy games you can put all of them on PSP up to FF10. I love playing games like Final Fantasy, the old Mario games, Kario Kart 64, Zelda, Resident Evil, etc. on it.

    They are also making some pretty good games later this year. They are making a Devil May Cry game, a bunch of Final Fantasys, and more. PSPs are great because you can play all these games anywhere.

    But if you don’t like PSPs or don’t like older games you should sell it and get a PS3. They are going to be pretty nice. XBox 360s are cool but Sony is just better in my opinion. Do what you want it’s your decision I hope this helps you.

  3. selling would give you a lot of money but a trade plus a few hundrad quid would get you a ps3 but you might get 120 quid

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