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What size Playstation 3 should I get?


I was thinking about getting a Playstation 3 but I don’t really know much about newer game systems. The new ps3 is available in 120GB and 250GB. The problem is I don’t know which size to get. The 120GB is $299 and the 250GB is $349. I’m not a gaming fanatic or anything but I still don’t want to want to run out of space. I heard that some games require 4 or more GB to even install. I pretty much just want to play rock band. What is the hard drive used to hold besides pictures and music? Is is worth the extra space to pay a little more? Which size do you recommend I get? Can someone explain in simple terms please? Thanks.

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  1. if ur the type of person that likes downloading movies,songs,pictures,and plays lots of diffrent types of games get the 250Gb but if y dont do that so much then get the 120Gb or if u just want to play games and download a very very little get the 60Gb to save money

  2. I would just get the 120gb, it doesn’t sound like your gonna use a ton of space. and besides you can always just buy a new hard drive later if you need it. they are very cheap you can get a 250gb hard drive for $30, 320gb $50 or 500gb $80. so just get the cheapest one and if you start to run out of space upgrade later. the hard drive is used for game installs, pics, music, movies, downloads and a certain amount is reserved for running the ps3. so when you get your 120gb it will actually only have about 107gb free or something around that number. And the stuff for rockband doesnt take much space so you should have plenty to download all the songs you want.

  3. i think 50 dollars is a small price to pay for 130 extra gb of space. 349 is worth the 250 gb slim.

  4. If u wanna play PS2 games get the big one if u dont really care for your old games get the new skinny one

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