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Whats the Best way to sell my Xbox 360?


Ive been having a lot off issues with Microsoft lately and Have gotten tired of it and want to get rid of my 360 and games, and instead pick up a PlayStation 3. Whats the best way to get the most out of my games and console toward getting a new PS3?

Those of you who must know:

Last fall my 360 was having issues that needed maintenance to correct, It was still under warranty so I submitted a claim and was told I would have my shipping label in about a week. I had a month till my warranty expired so no problem. every other day for nearly a month, I checked the status to see that it had not shipped it. 3 days before it expired, they shipped the label, I got it a week after my warranty expired and they informed me that the repair would cost me $99.

Recently they suspended my account due to an expired credit card being linked to my account, they attempted to automatically renew it on this card even though I never requested this feature. And now they refuse to allow me to have it downgraded or other option until I submit a valid credit card and accept the $49.99 charge. I’m trying to join the Navy right now and I don’t have money to waste on an account that I will not be using for most of the year.

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