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What’s wrong with my PS3?


Earlier, I went to go on my ps3, it was working fine, I was playing cod4 online as normal, then when I went to change game (to mw2) the game started, then whilst loading, it kept taking me back to the menus (ps3 menus). This happened about 5 times until I tried a new game, Waw, which got to the video and then crashed. So I tried cod4 again, and that worked perfectly fine! I formatted my ps3, restarted it, cleaned the disks, the whole lot, and the same thing keep happening, any idea whats wrong?


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  1. Delete the Game Data Utility for all the games you are having a problem with.

    1.Go to Game Data Utility

    2.Find and delete the games that crash

    3.Restart and update the game then you should be fine

    Hope I helped

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