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What’s wrong with my xbox360 component cables?


So less then 12 hours ago the cables were working fine but when I went to play today the tv said there was no signal as if the cables were not plugged in. When I checked the cables had not been moved from the previous day. Is there something wrong with the xbox, just the cables or the tv? When I plug in my wii it works fine and both the hd and regular settings on the xbox do not work.

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  1. Eli,

    If thats your real name. Im a huge Gmen fan.

    First it could be your cable.

    If thats not it do you have any of the red rings?

    If you have an older box without the hdmi I/O then the ring on the front would be all the way around and blinking. If you have a newer one and you have hdmi I/O then wait and see if you get three, two or one light/s blinking. If the one light is solid and not blinking then its the controller. Any of these errors then you have bigger issues.

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