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What’s wrong with My Xbox360?


About a couple of days ago xbox live had an update it was working fine but the next day it started getting bad, when I would try to log in it would take about 20 sec sometimes it would say “problem with signing in. Also when I look at the Guide it takes about 10 sec to pop up then when I try to look at a friends gamertag it would they have silver and 0gamerscore, also it would take about 20 sec to send someone a message and for some reason it takes a long time to load my guide friend list messages games and it will disconnect me from xbox live unexpectedly can someone tell me what’s happening and how to fix it please.

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  1. Try to clean some space in memory, there might be slowness if you are running low in memory of console.

  2. Low memory or the new update singled out your internet connection, a secret little memory caching trick to clear is go to where you can select which storage device you want and press x or y to clear a system cache that can slow or inhibit xbox functionality

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