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When I redeem Microsoft points for Xbox live it asks for my adress and such is this safe?


I feel abit nervous giving my address and postal code to a gaming system company for some reason. I’m redeeming a PREPAID card, why do I have to tell them more?
I’m redeeming them directly on the Xbox.

Already paid 20$ at the store for them

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  1. xbox is pretty safe about your stuff so go ahead and plus it will save to your account so in case you was ever need to call xbox they will ask you where you like to make sure its you and they will go off by what you put on it in just wondering how you got on live with out ever putting it to begin with you should have done that when you first started live but its safe no one will get it

  2. just in case if ur xbox breaks, u can send it to microsoft and it is safe. this also applies to if u win a contest

  3. Just tell them. Microsoft is a big company they won’t do anything. Plus, do you think they will really pay attention to YOU if like millions of people redeem a card every day?

  4. It shoudn’t ask you for any more details if it is a pre paid card. I mean they already know your email address so they should’nt be asking =S tbh I wouldn’t tell them anything. Are you just entering the code on the card into your xbox or are they asking Qs when your buying them online?

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