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when i turn my PS3 on nothing appears on the screen. 10PTS even for educated guess!?


i did hard reset.

i tried another TV.

i cleaned out the dust.

i checked the component cords.

i have no red light of death.

i removed hard drive and put it backk in.

before this happened my PS3 would freeze with picture distortions (even on XMB so its not the game)

also sometimes it would turn on and you can hear the start up in the background but no picture.

but now for 2 days NOTHING at all comes up on the screen with NO sound at all when turned on, except for a horizontal flash of white light acrost the screen when first turned on (which is normal when any game system is turned on right before the sony logo pops up with waves)

help me please?

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  1. You might not have all the red, yellow, and white cables plugged in. Either that or you are on the wrong input for your screen. Try doing one of these. If it doesn’t work, then sorry if I can’t help you!

  2. This odd indeed. I would try leaving it out for 20 minutes unpuged. Next try it again. If that doesnt work you may have over heated it. If that happened you should have had the red sign. However, my friends didnt and his overheated. It depends. Try calling Playstation or go on Playstation.com then support then troubleshooting. Ceck if they can trouble shoot. Good Luck!

  3. depends on when you got your ps3. When it first came out there were alot of isses, but it seems to have gotten better now.

    this is acutally a common issues with a ps3 that originated when it was first released. This is something you cannot fix. You hopefully have a warranty, contact sony and see what you can do

    good luck

  4. by the sounds of it you have a bad video connector (the cord you plug into the tv) I don’t have any suggestions for repair, but im sure a local gaming store can check it for you to see if it works ( I don’t know though, this has never happened to me) good luck though 🙁

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