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Where can I get an early copy of Modern Warfare 3 for xbox 360?


My boyfriend is crazy about getting to play the new Modern Warfare 3. I think it would make a great present to get him. Money is no option. We won’t post anything about where we got it and we will not tell anyone about it. It will just be between me, him and whoever is able to get us that copy. I will pay double the sale price, or maybe more considering how fast you can get me the copy. Only serious responses please. Thanks!

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  1. Modern Warfare 3 sees the return of the much loved spec ops mode. These mini games and challenges are highly addictive and push the Call of Duty gaming style to its adrenalin filled limit. We were lucky to get a play through survival mode, which is not unlike Gears of War 3’s horde mode. Essentially you are tasked with defeating wave after wave of enemies, including juggernauts and yes.dogs. Not easy but incredibly rewarding.

  2. if he plays the game before the release date, his xbox will be banned and thats a bad b-day present

  3. Umm to be honest I don’t think you can get it early. Unless you do piracy which is Illegal and will have some consequences. Sorry I really can’t help much, but a tip of advice. If he does end up getting it earlier and tries to play online/multiplayer he has a chance of getting banned from the servers. Also when the game does come out and if he already has it and got his stats up and such the stats will be reset back to the beginning. I know this because same thing happened with Halo Reach. Cheers!

  4. Amazon uk or com sometimes it will get shipped and be there the morning before or really early on the release date

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