Home Playstation Forum Where to get free Online code generator for PS3?

Where to get free Online code generator for PS3?


I want an online code generator with no surveys or anything with having your credit card involved. I recently deleted my online ID for PS3 and made a new one and wasn’t able to use my online pass codes inside the games I have. Give me a link of what site is the best that has no surveys or credit cards involved. Thanks!

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  1. About Superpoints

    Superpoints Network is a site where you can earn points to redeem things like PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, ect. A point is worth a cent, thus, with 500 points, you can redeem $5 PayPal cash.

    Within the site, there is a button named the SuperLucky Button. Each day, you have a number of clicks* on it, and each time you click it, you have a chance to win points ranging from 1 to 1000 points. Don’t get discouraged; if you’ve been on a dry streak, not earning much at all with the SuperLucky Button, just tell yourself that, the more often you click the button per day, the bigger are your chances to win bigger. Obviously, you’re not going to earn very big the first few days. Patience is the key.

    *Member : 10 clicks.

    Basic Member : 30 clicks.

    Gold member : 50 clicks.

    Platinum member : 100 clicks.

    Also, each day, Superpoints sends you 1 or 2 emails containing points!


    You can only register to Superpoints via a referral link, but you don’t need to worry about that, as I have a universal one for you.

    [url is not allowed]

    How much money can I earn and how fast?

    It all depends on the number of referrals that you have. Currently, I have TWO active referrals (the others are accounts made by myself (I used different IPs for each)), and I earn, in average, 50-75 points, which is enough for me to cash out under 10 days.

    An explanation to this is that, once you’re a gold member (2 referrals + complete profile), you earn EVERYTHING your referrals earn from the Super Lucky Button. Therefore, if you have about 10 active referrals, you could win over 200 points everyday. Of course, it may take some patience, but once you’re on the top, you’re good to go.

    Minimum withdraw/cash out?

    When you’re a Platinum member, you have to have at least 500 points to be able to redeem something. As for Gold members, it’s 1000 points and for Basic members, 2500 points.

    500 points = $5

    1000 points = $10

    2500 points = $25

    Payment methods?

    PayPal, Amazon, PSN and a bunch of other rewards (I THINK that U.S. residents may have more rewards).

    Steps on how to make money with Superpoints Network

    1. Register through this link : [url is not allowed]

    2. Use fake information using this site (highly recommended) : Generate a Random Name – Fake Name Generator

    3. Confirm your email.

    4. Complete your profile information (fake info). This is the first step into becoming a gold/platinum member.

    5. Add a profile picture (use any image you can find, inappropriate pictures excepted). This is the second step into becoming a gold/platinum member.

    6. Have 2 people join the site through your referral link to become a gold member.*

    7. Have 6 people join the site through your referral link to become a platinum member.*

    8. You now have 100 clicks on the Super Lucky Button per day and can now take a full advantage of Superpoints!

    *The people you recruit must reach the basic member level (filling basic profile information).

  2. You know if you delete your PS3 user from your system you can just create it again. Either way you’re not going to get a working generator because no such thing exists.

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