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Where to sell my fat Xbox 360?


Well, I have a fat 360 with 256 Internal storage and a 60GB HDD that I want to sell to get some money as I don’t need it anymore, and would like to get a PS3.

I’ve had the 360 for about a year and a half now, and it’s never RRODed. I’ll also include a new Xbox 360 Black wireless controller and Final Fantasy 13. The HDD also has 3 games on it as well as a bunch of demos, some DLC, and some arcade games. The 3 main games on the HDD are Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger.

It has all the cords and such, and I really just want to sell and get rid of it to get a PS3. I’ve posted on Craigslist and haven’t gotten any offers or trades, and am not sure how much to put it on or to just let it be bids on eBay. Also, how much do you think this is all worth?


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