Home Xbox Forum which games is better in order:Halo,call of duty or gears of war?

which games is better in order:Halo,call of duty or gears of war?


Which shooting game is the best in order?I’m talking about the entire series for each game I named

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  1. well when you said the “entire series” i had to change the order, it would be

    -Call of Duty



    and for eric that commented before me i consider him extremely retarded, only reason why you jump really high in Halo is because you are NOT human, NOR an alien, more like a super soldier

  2. 1. call of duty

    2. gears of war (i never played it before)

    3. halo (there cant be a game worse than one with aliens that jump 100 feet in the air)

  3. 1. Gears of war. Even though there are only two games, gears and gears 2, you can do so much in these games, Plus 2 players is insane. I love how in gears 2 you can hold up a half dead enemy as a shield, I also love how one of the guns has a chainsaw on it! Plus they have a variety of weapons that are really cool. I would rate it at the top.

    2. Call of duty. The newest is modern warfare 2. I love these as well there are 6 call of duty games out I think. I think modern warfare 2 is the best out of all of them. However, Call of duty is the most realistic out of all of them! Plus online is insane in these. If you were to get a call of duty get modern war fare 2. Nazi Zombies is pretty fun in the older one too.

    3. Halo. Halo is pretty good, there are quite a few different versions, like halo, halo 2, halo 3, and theres 2 other ones. One is ODST and theres another that I cant think of at the moment. Halo isnt as realistic alothough they do have some awesome weapons. Halo just gets boring once you beat it on all difficulties and then rank as high as you can get online. However there is a new Halo that is supposed to be pretty good, its called Halo Reach, who knows it may become super popular and rated #1.

    Overall, if you want realistic, go Call of Duty. If you want something fun and bloody get Gears of war 2. If you want something popular but still fun get Halo. Plus most MLG’s know how to play this game This is just my opinion though and there are many other opinions out there! Also you could look at the left 4 dead series. Good luck!

  4. ii realli like all three series actually.

    but if ii had to put em in order, it’d be:

    Call of Duty



    *COD is gud on the realistic end, and its more of a serious shooter. Good weapons, gud maps, and good for groups of friends playin at the same time. it takes a LOT of time to get all the weapons that are good, and have every attatchment for them, so if ur not high enuf rank, it sumtimes sucks to play against higher ppl. but ull eventually get to pwn lower ranks too lol

    *Gears is awesome to play on multi or single, but its not very realistic (well duh, theres no guns with chainsaws or exploding bow n arrows, but yu take a TON of damage without dying lol) but its good in the gorey department! blood n guts EVERYWHERE! =] the multiplayer is ok.when if first came out there was a lot of glitching (as in most games) but im not sure how it is now-a-days.

    *Halo is awesome, because its not realistic AT ALL lol but sticky granades are like the best thing to play with lol. the guns are basic, everyones got the same crap. its an even playin field. yu can play a higher rank than yu, and be better than them, cuz rank realli means very little in that game. but its fun to jus mess around with ur friends and jus have not so serious fun =]

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