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Which Xbox 360 HD cable do I need?


I just bought a cheap cable for my HD TV and Xbox 360, but the sound cuts out every now and then, so I am deciding to get a Microsoft one instead, as my best mate says they’re more reliable. But theres so many different ones-which one do I get!? All I need is a cable that is microsoft and HD, not sound system ready and that sort of stuff.

Thanks 😀

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  1. you want the HD Component cable. it’s the one with the bunch of input jacks with a bunch of colors like red yellow orange blue green. your HD tv should have these inputs on the back somewhere. if not you don’t have these inputs on your tv then get the regular component cable which just has the 3 inputs: red , white, and yellow. you could also get the HDMI cable for the 360 but it won’t make much difference than the HD Component one.

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