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Who else is excited about the new slim PS3 to be coming out?


I’ve always wanted a ps3 but couldnt afford it. Im not a fan boy at all though and was very happy with my 360. I heard about the new Slim Ps3 for only 299 though so i have traded in my system and games and have a reservation for the new ps3 when it comes out sept 1’st. Im so excited i feel like its christmas lol i mean 120gb, blue ray player, and the ability to play killzone for only 299 lol. who else is excited?

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  1. Well sorry to burst your bubble but haven’t you heard the term “you get what you pay for”, well here it comes!! The slim Ps3 is just Hype its just Skinnier with cheaper components inside which could mean that it would brake down faster especially the Blue-Ray Player which everyone that knows electronics said that it will brake down if you have your slim system vertically! And did you notice that the Original Ps3 cost $400 before so what does that mean ummmm It has better components inside and a Blue-Ray Player that wont mess up if you put it vertically

  2. Hellz yeah. Not only will it be cheaper, it’ll use superior components, to boot! 45nm Cell and 65nm RSX versus the old 65nm Cell and 90nm RSX!

    Translate that into far quieter and cooler running machine with far LESS Watt usage!

    Don’t forget the fact that it has a sweet-spot 120GB HDD :). Better than the 80Gigger, but not overkill like the 160.

  3. Well no man i am not sorry i dont know if its just me or the ps3 slim just looks wayy to ugly!

    Overall the pricing is very good. I’m glad sony made the PS3 cheaper and now more and more people would buy it!

  4. dude its just a roomer its a fake if it sony would say that then it would come out cause they will have shown to e3 thats it coming out and it would say on sony.com and playstation.com which they havent yet so who ever told you this its a fake plus they showed it on youtube that it will come out but they havent comfirmed that it will which it like so fake and also it looks like it a ps2 slim converted the style lol im love ps3 i have one lol!

  5. Some of these guys Just believe the the negativeness

    its cheaper to make em not cheaper parts

    i am like hell excited because im finally gonna get to play with friends online!

    but yeah i just cant wait haha sumbody still thinks its a rumor when even kmart is advertising it!

  6. ummm im siked but im keeping my old ps3 40 gig and rather use my money to buy a red dualshock 3 controller.but still im siked!!

  7. I’m a bit annoyed i didn’t wait til this christmas to get one 😛

    What you think of this video guys?

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