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Why can’t I sign into my PS3?


I have been using my PS3 for over a year now with no problems. Today I was trying to get on the internet to watch a Netflix and it was having problems signing into the PlayStation Network.

I reset my router – didn’t work

I turned my PS3 off then back on – didn’t work

I reset my PS3 to it’s default settings – didn’t work

Now when I try to sign into the PS3 network it says:

“An error has occurred. you have been signed out of PlayStation Network.”

Can someone please help me!?!!?

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  1. man everyone says that u can still use netflix but apparently im not special enogh i just wanna watch family guy lol

  2. i called the Playstation number and the said everything will be back to normal tomorrow if not the day after that the latest.

  3. Sony was Attack ,There is this hackin group claiming that there are the Biggest Hackin Clan Ever, the name, Anonymous

    We will Strike Back

  4. easy feller, i have the same fault. the main severs are down for maintenance. should be back up soon, about 2 days.

  5. i was wondering the same thing actually, same thing happened to me tonight. im guessing the playstation network is down or something, i doubt it will be for long, try tomorrow.

  6. DANG!! the whole online gaming world has been affected.you cant do anything about it, just wait it out till the networks back and running. in the meantime find something else to do xD

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