Home Playstation Forum why do copied ps2 games don’t on original ps2?

why do copied ps2 games don’t on original ps2?


i bought come ps2 games from malaysia and brought them back to australia but none of them worked on ps2 why? the shop owner told me to convert my ps2 so that the games will work (he also told me the games were copied). should i convert it? even if i covert it will the games work? please help

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  1. I believe that you would normally need to get your PS2 chipped in order to play copied games, but there is a memory card which allows this also.

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    PS2 games are very cheap on eBay now so you would have to decide whether it is worth the cost.

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  2. U need to get the PS2 ‘chipped’, which is puting in a chip so that copy games work. But doing that, makes the guarantee invalid, and may stop origional games from working

    Your best bet is to just leave the game, and buy an origional version of it, that way, if it has a problem, u got the guarentee on the game, but also if the PS2 develops a problem, u still got it’s guarantee!!

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