Home Playstation Forum why does my ps3 freeze?

why does my ps3 freeze?


when i download demos it sometimes freezes when its starting up it turns completely black or freezes on the same screen its loading on. how can i fix this?

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  1. how fast is your internet connection and download speed , a slow speed or bad connection will give you corrupted game demos and games to install because you end up with missed data packets

    delete any that cause problems and download them again after your connection is better or the download speeds improve , you should have a min. 2 or 3 mbps download speeds when you do a connection test and when you check the connection status under network settings it should be at least a 60% wifi signal strength and up before you download anything especially updates or games and demos you are installing

    if it freezes do a soft reset or you risk hard drive damage , press the ps3 power button on the console for a second and after one beep let it go

    if deleting the demos does not fix it your hdd has corrupted files still and you will need to restore the ps3 from the system settings menu to fix it

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