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why is my ps3 signal so low?


i have got my router on the other side of my room to my ps3 and the network connection say its 100 % but when i go on call of duty 4 my signal is mostly on red or yellow

i normally have my laptop and xbox turned on at the same time

and im not sure if this makes a difference but i have got a usa ps3 and usa call of duty but i am playing it in spain

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  1. Either it’s your signal or there are just too many people playing the game at the same time, in the same server.

    Or it’s cause you’re connecting to the USA server while you’re in Spain.

  2. look, heres your problem, you have to find people playing in SPAIN, and get into their server, it doesnt matter if you have all the usa stuff, you still gotta play in a SPAIN room. it will be hard to find one, but when you do, you will have GREEN bars, add all these ppl in the room so that they are then on your list and you can start to play in SPAINISH rooms more frequently.

  3. Hey, there are a number of reasons why your signal might decrease when playing COD.

    1. The more devices you have using the network (connected) like your xbox and laptop etc. will mean that the signal stregnth goes down.

    2. Because your playing against other people and on a EA server then this might slow things down.

    3. Router might not be very strong.

    The main thing i presume you want is to be able to play online which is what you can do at the moment so i wouldnt change anything untill there is a problem.

    Hope this helped

  4. It’s because you’re playing people on the other side of the world, that’s why you’re stuck with red to yellow bars during online play. To solve this problem you have to be playing people which live in your country, therefore you will get 3 to 4 green bars, meaning no lag whatsoever. To play people in your country, go to “clan tag” and type in SPA which is short for Spain, that will make the servers pick it up and put you up agasint people in Spain.

  5. Are you lagging?, if you are it isnt the signal its your speed, if your not lagging, you have no problem, that bar thing is mostly inaccurate, and if your server host has a slow internet speed, you get affected too.

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