Home Playstation Forum Why won’t my ps3 connect to the internet?

Why won’t my ps3 connect to the internet?


It was working fine for about 6 months until one day it just stopped. I checked the network settings and then tested the connection and it says it can’t find the ip adress

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  1. It might just be a problem with your cable box or wireless router. Check your local cable company and ask why internet on your ps3 isn’t working. It’s most likely because something isn’t plugged in correctly. I wouldn’t try to get the ps3 repaired, because that would just cost a lot of money. I do suggest, however, buying a new ethernet cable for your ps3, which you can get for a good price on amazon.com. Ethernet cables enable internet connection for your ps3, which you can connect to your pc with internet to get internet, unless of course you already have one. Take a look here:

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    You can also buy them on dell.com for a good price too:

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    Whereever you buy your cable, I wish you good luck on getting back on the internet on your ps3. Hope I helped.


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