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Why would Sony doing this?


My PS3 stopped reading discs so I called. They said they can give me a brand new 120gb PS3 for $99 or I could have mine repaired for $130. I have the fat 60gb PS3 with the backwards compatibility. I was wondering why they would make it cheaper to get a new one instead of repairing mine?

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  1. Caue if u get a new one they dont need to pay anyone to fix it just send it and if u send it in to fix it they have to pay some guy to do it so its more expensive

  2. Because it’s a rare old model and instead of trying to fix it(since the 60 has been discontinued they will have to fix it), if you really play PS2 games then don’t do it also Blake please shut up fanboy he wants his PS3 not buy a different console

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