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Will a external Hard drive work for a xbox 360 (SLIM)?


I have both the original xbox360 (20g) and the new slim 360 (4g) instead of me spending 140$ on the 120 gig. I could buy a external harddrive for half with 500gs. will it work with the new xbox 360? i read somewhere that if you convert it to FAT32 you could use 30gs (1f at32 partition) and just keep doing that untilll you partition the whole hard drive. while this work?

Now if you havent done this you might not know, so im looking for people who already tried this and successfully done it. it doesnt have to be all the partitions. 30gigs goes a long way anyway

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  1. Just going to throw this out there. I doubt it will work. You can buy 16gb flash drives for your extra memory or you can go on ebay and get a real Microsoft HDD for half the price of what they sell in stores. 120gb HDD on Ebay is about $50-$60 and a 250gb is about $60-$75 depends on who your buying it from and when you buy it and so on. I suggest you look on ebay first.

  2. yes it will but you have to take apart the hdd case the very carefully place the hdd in your slim i done it cause i didn’t wanna pay the money for the 250 hdd

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