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Will Infamous keep me entertained for a couple of days?


Hey im looking to buy a 120g PS3 this week which comes with any platinum which im going to choose Infamous. So how long do you think the gameplay in Infamous will last me. Its going to be my first and only PS3 game FOR NOW until i buy a couple more. Will I get bored of it after the first 2-3 hours?

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  1. It’s a great game i have played and got the platinum trophy. this game will keep you playing for days just to see what you can do next or trying to find new ways to use your powers in combos

  2. It will keep you occupied for a long time. I loved this game to death. Absolutely fun all around. Addicting to find all the blast shards and to keep going into the story. Challenge yourself and put it on hard.

    Also get Uncharted 2 for your PS3 and Assassin’s Creed 2.

  3. Noo! Its a really good game man! From the makers of the sly series 🙂 should keep you for a while

  4. inFamous will keep you entertained for months, let alone a couple of days. Well worth the purchase, especially since there is an somewhat easily achievable Platinum Trophy attached to it.

  5. It has high replay value, however, it was too repetitive for my taste. I finished it as a hero, and I haven’t touched it since.

    A good game overall, though.

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