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Would this tv be good for xbox 360?


I’m thinking of buying this tv its cheap and i mostly just game and watch netflix or hulu on my tv I don’t know much about televisions and I don’t have a lot of money. As long as I can game and watch hulu and netflix I’m ok with that I don’t need the superior #1 picture quality. If it’s clear and if I can actually read the words from the subtitles in the game and if it doesn’t mess up I’ll be happy.

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  1. to be honest there both do fine. but its not the best picture quality. there 720p which is 720pixels. what you want is a tv that is 1080p. the more pixels the sharper the quality of the picture. any tv with 1080p HD.

  2. They boh are good but stay away from toshiba.toshiba sucks and they aren’t really good and have weird problems with them. I had to return a toshiba tv that was on sale and it had a red line on tv and it wouldn’t go away

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