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Wow, This is why I love owning a PS3? ( Im a proud PS3 owner)?


So I was searching for questions in the Games & Gear section here on Yahoo! answers, and almost every question had too do with the following:

“what is the chances of my xbox getting the red ring of death agin after getting it repaired?”

“Why wont any of my games play on my xbox 360?”

“Xbox keeps freezing even after I got it repaired.HELP!?”

“How many days until i get my xbox back from getting it repaired?”

“I’ve bought 3 Xbox’s this year alone, and my current one broke, what should I do?”

Its preety sad if you ask me, honestly you don’t find this kind of questions on the Playstation side because Sony takes time and manufactures there products very good! We dont have this bullsh!t “red ring of death” and its preety sad too slam that much money in repairing it, So my question is, why do these idiots keep wasting money on a crappy “so called” gaming sytem like the Xbox 360? Im a very proud owner of a PS3, were getting better games and better content, i’ve never had literally one problem with my PS3. So why are these people so stupid? So let me help you guys out here (The ones who have experienced problems with there Xbox’s, buy a Playstation 3. BOOM! thats the only usefull answer! I mean minus well since you’ve already payed like over $400 on all the repairs and all that wonderful stuff.

My question is, why is Microsoft so shitty at manufacturing? Microsoft sucks, thats the end of it. They manufacture there products VERY bad and they are stupid, I mean after millions of Xbox re-lated problems they continue too collect your money and laugh with it all the way too the bank, because you dumbasses are not smart enough too buy a PS3.

So the final (and real question) is do you agree?

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  1. well yea i have my first one for two years and so far i have had no problems with it not even one and now my second one(yea i have two since i am a SONY fan and love PS3 i got another one) i got a few months ago and i also have not experienced no problems i could have used that money to buy a failbox 360 but no since i have heard how much problems the failbox has with their hardware

  2. While not as common, the ps3 does have problems as well. A lot of people (especially the launch 60gb owners like myself) are having a lot of problems with their console freezing, among others.

  3. The problem is that microsoft probably wanted to release their system before sony’s that they used crappy wiring. Then if you play too much the motherboard heats up melting all the wires together. I am a proud sony owner, PS1, PS2, PS3 PSP.I own every other system as well, everything except for an xbox aka crash box.

    The nice thing about PS is free online play, built in wireless unlike its competition which I dont feel there is any competition

    Pay $99 canadian for a wireless adapter and $59.99 a year for online play. Like comeon
    IM with you here Playstation until the end, which is what I tell my Sony rep everytime I see him

  4. Microsoft is a software company at heart. Their knowledge is in Windows and computer software, not game consoles.

    Sony has been producing electronics since electronics became a word in the dictionary. They are the creators of several different media formats, some successful and others not so successful.

    If you had to buy a game console from one of these companies.

  5. I agree that your a fanboy. who cares. if you like your ps3 great that doesn’t mean that you have to hate on or downgrade other consoles and other peoples choices. By the way I have a PS3 and think its great, but people like you make the rest of us ps3 owners look like jerks. thanks a lot d bag.

  6. We cant blame them, microsoft came out first in the market with a very low price. Sony ps3 came out late with a very high initial price. It is only now that Sony lower the price of ps3 console.

    For those early adapters, xbox is a good choice considering it is low priced console, can play pirated xbox games, whily sony ps3 wont read pirated games because of its high-end technology.

  7. big dawg dante ad me buddy you the man to ask a terrific question like this buddy 🙂 and also a PS3 fan till i die.PSN ID DA-GrimReaper

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