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xbox 360 doesn’t read the discs?


I have a xbox 360 pro. The problem with it is that it doesn’t read the discs. Some of the newer games will work if you hit the top for about 15 seconds but that only works with the most new games and not all the time even with those.

My question is, can i fix this problem by opening up the xbox and cleaning the reader, or do i have to replace the disc drive? Thanks for any knowledge your willing to share.

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  1. i would first recommend that you clean all of your discs.

    take a tissue, and make straight wipes from the center to the outside of the disc.

    if this fails, you will probably have to open up the xbox:(

  2. DO NOT Wipe with a tissue! use a DRY cloth! Use a tissue and you will mess up your disk! So my advice is to call Microsoft and you’ll be directed from there, Don’t open your 360 or you’ll void the warranty.

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