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xbox 360 i sold on ebay?


iv been contacted by the buyer of my xbox 360 i sold on ebay 4wks ago,it was working fine when i had it hardly used infact,he is stating that the red circle is showing instead of being green,and that to have it repaired it will cost £60 and that he wants me to pay for it where do i stand on this it took him 4wks to contact me to say there was a problem

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  1. Assuming this was a private sale and nothing to do with a business? Also assuming that you are not any sort of expert in electronics then legally you’re not obliged to do anything. It is just bad luck on the buyers part. Caveat Emptor.

  2. depending on the anount of red lights on the xbox you will find that microsoft will indeed take the box back for free and repair it using a UPS courier so tell him to send it off to them it is not your fault it has just overheated and is a generic problem with the 360.

    Tell him to stuff his £60 quid and send it to microsoft for free takes about 2-3 weeks

  3. He Has No Right to Tell You To Pay For it Because Its His problem Now Because if He Had a Problem With it He Should Have Contacted You Straight Away About The Problem But After a Month Then Its His Problem,So Id Tell Him That No Your not going to pay for it because You have no right to Pay for it,So its His Problem and his fault,So Dont pay For What he asks You,He should Have told You Within The Same Week He Bought it

  4. First of all, I hope you have a photo of the serial number of the xbox you sold so you know he’s not scamming you. If it was less than 30 days then it might be nice to offer a refund UNLESS you specified in the auction that there are no returns allowed. The buyer should pay for return shipping since you payed for the original shipping, and if you refund through ebay they should return your final value fees. Let the buyer know that if they return it that it has to be the system with the same serial number and if you notice any physical damage or tampering, that you will not offer them a refund and they have to pay for shipping to get it back. Go with the refund and DO NOT send them any money unless you have your xbox w/all accessories in the condition it was sent out.

    If it’s really RROD, then repair it yourself and sell it again or sell it as-is.

  5. Did you specify a return or exchange policy? If not your good, don’t pay nothing. But if you did specify a return or exchange policy what were the terms? When I sell I state buyer must contact me within 7-10 days of delivery for return or exchange. Or maybe you put as-is? Anyway as long as you did not specify a return/exchange policy you owe nothing. Or even if you did but it’s past the said time your good, you pay nothing. You are only responsible if he is within the said time frame of any specific return/exchange details you posted on your auction.

  6. Don`t Be a FOOL m8. It`s a Scam. He brought it as seen. So he just trying to scam you. It happend to my brother about 1yr ago. so be care-ful

  7. You shouldn’t pay it. XBOX’s break all the time.

    Tell him to Google “XBOX Failure Rate” and that should take any blame off your shoulders. He shoulda known better before he invested in any thing that has been known to malfunction so much. It’s basically a gamble to buy one of them.

  8. did he already leave you feedback? there is really not much he can do I would say he is responseable there is no telling what he did to the 360 after he got it. also the RLOD is covered by microsoft for 3 years now which pretty much covers any 360 so he should’nt have to pay anything. how old is the 360?

  9. Your xbox is not yours anymore. It has been the property of the guy you sold it to for a month. He is responsible for repairs to his machine. I am sure he has used it in the month that he has had it.

    That the is the risk of buying used electronics – they may break shortly after puchase.

    You did not promise him it would NEVER break, did you?

  10. This was 4 WEEKS ago! Who knows what he could have done to it between then and now. As long as he’s already payed for it this is no longer your problem and the worst he can do is leave negitive feedback.

  11. I’m no lawyer, but if it worked when he received it and you have proof (i.e. tracking number) that he did receive it four weeks ago, it is his responsibility. It’s a tough fact of life but if he chose to buy used on ebay, he took the risk and lost.

    That said, it doesn’t do you any good to be rude to him. You said it had hardly been used, how long ago did you buy it? If it was purchased within three years, he should be able to get it repaired under warranty by calling 800-4MY-XBOX. To go one better, if you have your original sales receipt you could offer that to him so that he will have proof of purchase for the warranty.

    No matter what, don’t send him any money. Be prepared to defend bad feedback on ebay and just understand that even the best sellers are going to have bad feedback from unreasonable people.

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