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xbox 360 on 1080p?


Is it possible to run my normal standard xbox 360 on 1080p by buying the correct cable, just by the cable that connects to the internet is like a small usb cable thingy output, i was wondering if thats for full hd or a hdmi cable thingy? I dunno what im really talking about but anyone that could help, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. You can only get 1080p using the HDMI cable I think. The other cable: CMP or VGA can achieve HD but not to the level of HDMI. Maybe 720 or 1080i. Hope this helps.

  2. Actually the 360 does not have any games at the moment that support the 1080p format, the system does have the option for the the 1080p resolution both for HDMI and for component. The component cable is available at most Walmart stores for about 20 dollars and the HDMI cable is roughly 30+ dollars. Component handles 720p beautifully so the choice is up to you but.

    Certain 360 consoles do not include the HDMI port (the old Core Console) the Core console has been replaced with the Arcade Console in most stores though.

  3. If you buy the Xbox hdmi cable and connect it to a hd tv, then it will work, as the Xbox does have hdmi as standard.

    The difference in quality is ‘unbelievable’! 🙂

  4. the HDMI slot (if that is what you are talking about) is located just above the standard AV out (if you have one, 360’s made before sep ’07 dont have HDMI) if you buy a HDMI cable it will only work if your TV is HD ready and supports HDMI check before you buy, come to mention it HD will only work if your tv is HD ready full stop. if you do not have a HD ready TV then if you have a component connection on the back of your TV use it and you may get 720p out of it which is an improvment on standard def

  5. so long as your tv is hd/hd ready then yes so long as you buy a hdmi cable then your standard 360 will play in high deginition. 1080p depends on your tv though as not all tvs are good enough to play1080p – your user manual will tell you whether it does or not.

    the picture will be substantially better though.

    if you have asassins creed then that really shows off the better graphics/picture quality.

    hope this helps x

  6. It actually depends if you bought the Xbox 360 Core package.

    If i remember correctly the core package doesn’t feature a HDMI Port on the back of it. Any other 360 package all you will need is a HDMI cable and a HDTV capable of running 1080p, but be warned, cheap HDMI cables differ in quality massivly compared to more expensive ones, especially when there is movement on the screen.

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