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Xbox 360 Please Answer?


so i got ac brotherhood and it got the perfect circle thing. i went to playntrade and they fixed it. its FULLY cleaned up and when i start the session or story mode it says unreadable disk. so what should i do? im not using any S.H.I.T toothpaste so dont even answer me with that. so what should i do? i washed it and wiped it and everything but its not working! plz answer!

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  1. you’re suppose to only wipe discs not wash them! You can go back to the store and tell them to get you a new one, if you still have your receipt see if you still have the guarantee, usually they give you 7 days.

  2. Washed it? You’re f*cked, the disc will never work again. It’s not about scratches or outside damage, once it is scratched, disc data are damaged, and so it won’t work. Good luck wasting another 50 bucks, cause of your ignorance.

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