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Xbox 360 red light.HELP!?


Hey folks

My brother’s xbox 360 was working one minute and the next minute the light went red and it now doesn’t work at all! Any suggestions?

Thanks Jo

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  1. If it’s all four lights, just unplug all the A/V cables and plug them back in.

    If it’s three lights, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX to get it fixed or replaced.

  2. It depends on how many of the lights are lit.

    Just the bottom right one= Somthing is wrong with the hard ware, depends on what’s wrong.

    the right side one’s=over heated, Just cool it down by turning it off for about 2-3 hrs or put near a fridge (It sounds wierd but it works!)

    All but the top right one= Red ring of death, If you have a warranty on your xbox send it in to microsoft and they’ll get you a new one. Also there are some various ways to “cure” it look around the internet.

    All the lights= Somthings wrong with one of your cables, just try to put some tape over a open circuit or just get a new AV (the red,white and yellow cables) cable

  3. It is called the red ring of death. You have to get it repaired by microsoft or a shop like currys or pc world. You never should have bought it in the first place you should have got a ps3. It might break again after it is repaired.

  4. unplug all the wires and plug them back in again OR call the microsoft helpline but when i had red lights i got mine fixed and it took them 6 weeks to repair so if your brother can’t live without his xbox for a few minuetes buy a new one microsoft replaces them when u call and u won’t get back the same xbox

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