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Xbox 360 red lights?


Earlier when my 360 booted i got the 3 red light ring (indicating hardware failure) today before putting it in the box to ship back to microsoft i checked it to see if it was still the same. This time only 1 red light was on. I was wondering if microsoft will still repair this for free or if it was just glitching out when i checkd it

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  1. Oh that’s not good. You have to pay $100 for that kind of light. Call microsoft again, make sure everything is ok because they might not fix it right. Good luck.

  2. I had the 3 ring of death error. If you still have a warranty send it to micro$oft, mine was out of warranty, plus I didnt want to wait 4 weeks to get it back from them, plus i read you may not even get your own system back. I found this place in another forum and gave it a shot, I got it back in a week, pretty reasonable, its been working perfect ever since (3 months now) Id say give it a shot


  3. Thats bad my friend had it and u need to pay 100 or so dollars call microsoft or use the towel trick

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