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Xbox 360 Repair setup Help!?


I just got my label for my 360 repair,so what do I do?

since they don’t send boxes no more.

-What kind of box do I use?

-Do I stick the label outside or inside of the box?

-Do I include the reference number inside the box or what?

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  1. first remove your hard drive, and make sure there isn’t a game in the console. If you have a custom faceplate remove that too.

    Then get a box that the xbox will fit in and either wrap the xbox in buble wrap or use packing peanuts. Then seal the box and tape the label on the top of the box. Bring the box to the ups store and they will give you a reciept with the tracking number.

    Then you can check the status of your repair on xbox.com by logging into your gamertag (live id).

    You don’t need to include a refrence number because when microsoft receives your xbox they scan the back of it and update the repair info.

    I’ve sent out maybe 4 repairs to microsoft before i bought my reflow station, so i know how their repair process works.

    Let me know if you have any other questions

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